Wuchereria Bancrofti with CML in Accelerated Phase 1

Wuchereria Bancrofti with CML in Accelerated Phase 1
Author: Ankur Ahuja, DM; Tathagata Chatterjee; Garima Sharma; Kanwaljeet Singh; S Venkatesh; Gunjan Madhukar; Y Uday
Category: Infectious Disease > Parasites > Filarasis > Wucheria bancrofti
Published Date: 02/18/2020

54 years old male a known case of CML presented with fever presented in Accident and Emergency. Patient Hemoglobin was 10 g/dl, TLC was 74,000/cumm, Platelets were 60,000/cumm. His peripheral blood smears showed 12% blasts on peripheral blood smear with basophils were 15%. Multiple W. bancrofti forms were seen at the side edges and tail of peripheral blood smear. A fianl diagnosis of CML in Accelerated with Filariasis was given. Patient was treated with diethylcarbamazine at dose of 6mg/Kg for 12 days with Tab Albendazole and after 2 weeks showed no filarial worms.