Microfilaria in bone marrow aspiration smear

Author: Nilam Bhasker II, MD, 10/24/2017
Category: Infectious Disease > Parasites > Filarasis
Published Date: 11/02/2017

Authors-  Dr.Nilam  Bhasker; Dr.Sushil Suri; Dr.Ruth Shifa

Career institute of medical sciences and hospital, lucknow (UP)


A 30 years old female presented with short history of fever, fatigue, pain abdomen. In peripheral blood smear there was pancytopenia - Haemoglobin- 6.4gm/dl, Total leukocyte count count-2100/cumm, Platelet count-96000/cumm.

There was parasite- microfilarae found in peripheral smear as well as in subsequent bone marrow aspiration