Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) with presence of pro-lymphocytes

Author: Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Pezeshki, MSc, 02/13/2019
Category: Lymphoma: Mature B-cell and Plasma cell Neoplasms > Low-grade B-cell lymphoma > Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia/Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma
Published Date: 02/25/2019

In this case we observed pro-lymphocytes (medium size with round nucleus and moderately dense chromatin and faintly basophilic cytoplasm) in our 58 years old male patient bone marrow sample (Fig. A). In harmony with existence of pro-lymphocytes and mature lymphocytes, immunophenotyping using flow-cytometry showed positivity of CD5/19/20/22/23 (Fig. B & Fig. C). complete blood count of patient showed leukocytosis with absolute lymphocytosis, anemia and thrombocytopenia (Fig. D).