About the ASH Image Bank

The American Society of Hematology Image Bank is a Web-based image library that offers a comprehensive collection of images relating to a wide range of hematologic topics. The ASH Image Bank is a public website that allows ASH members and the entire hematology community the ability to discover high quality, peer-reviewed hematologic images.

The newly redesigned ASH Image Bank launched in March, 2016 contains over 2100 images, with new images continuously being published. ASH encourages new submissions that are subject to review by the Image Bank Editor.

Exciting new features included in the newly redesigned ASH Image Bank include the Atlas and Reference cases. The Atlas provides that community with a quick way to view images of blood cells in a normal and abnormal state, while Reference Cases describe common blood disorders through images sets and descriptive text.

Comments, questions, and requests for inclusion of slides addressing specific topics may be directed to imagebank@hematology.org.

To browse the ASH Image Bank, submit images, or download images, members and nonmembers need to log in. ASH members can log in with their standard ASH username and password. Non-members will need to create an account. Currently, the ASH Image Bank is available to non-members at no cost.