RhD Hemolytic disease of newborn

RhD Hemolytic disease of newborn
Author: Abbas Abdulsalam, Nafila Sabeeh
Category: Red Cell: Hemolytic Anemia (HA) > Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemias
Published Date: 05/18/2011

Peripheral blood supravital stain using new methylene blue for reticulocytes followed by Leishman stain as a counter-stain of a newly born, full term male with severe RhD HDN. The baby died few hours after birth. Baby blood group is O RhD positive Mother blood group is O RhD negative Hb 80 g/l, WBC 42 * 10^(9)/l, Platelets 25 *10^(9)/l, Reticulocytes 14.6 % DAT on cord blood sample is strong positive. The OB/G specialist expected that this may happen, but as there is no intra-uterine transfusion in Baghdad, the baby had no chance to survive.