Infectious mononucleosis

Infectious mononucleosis
Author: Sadhika Sood; Girish Venkataraman
Category: Infectious Disease > Viruses > Epstein-Barr Virus > Mononucleosis –peripheral blood
Published Date: 09/14/2017

This patient is a 16-year-old female who presented with enlarged lymph nodes and fever. A routine CBC performed with smear shows numerous large, atypical lymphocytes showing reactive mononucleosis. The lymphocyte on the right has abundant cytoplasm which is intensely basophilic and shows cytoplasmic bleb formation. The variant lymphocyte in the centre has a classical so called “Ballerina skirt” appearance with scalloped margins and indentations by the surrounding red blood cells. The cytoplasm is vacuolated. Further testing demonstrated positive monospot test confirming Infectious mononucleosis.