Hepatic Plasmacytoma

Hepatic Plasmacytoma
Author: Kristin Stoll, DO; Melissa Postoll-Downs, MD; Daltrey, Meitz, MD
Category: Lymphoma: Mature B-cell and Plasma cell Neoplasms > Plasma Cell Neoplasm > Plasmacytoma > Extraosseous plasmacytoma
Published Date: 09/18/2023

(A) PET-CT demonstrates a lobular hypoattenuating lesion at the periphery of the right lobe of the liver, measuring up to 6.3 cm in greatest dimension. This region displays high FDG avidity, max SUV 23.2. (B) Tissue biopsy with immunohistochemistry confirms the neoplastic plasma cells are positive for CD138 (original magnification ×400). (C) Neoplastic plasma cells show variable nuclear pleomorphism, frequent prominent nucleoli, and high nuclear:cytoplasmic ratio. Mitotic figures were frequent. (Diff-Quick stain, original magnification ×400)